Experimental Imaging & Neuro­energetics

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Brain Energy

Unveiling the complexity of brain metabolism: New tools show real-time substrate dynamics and cellular interactions.

Glial Biology

Our lab investigates the complex and enigmatic world of glial cells.

Cerebrovas­cular Biology

Exploring the neuro-glia-vascular unit and new ways to understand stroke.

Imaging Technology

Pioneering quantitative in vivo neuroimaging from cells to whole brain.

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8 July 2024
Jacqueline Condrau

Jacqueline Condrau Receives Two Gordon Research Conference Poster Prizes in a Row!

Jacqueline Condrau
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20 June 2024
Dr. Marina Herwerth

Marina Herwerth Has Been Awarded the 2024 Betty & David Koetser Foundation Grant

Dr. Marina Herwerth
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Our team

Our team studies brain energy metabolism and glial biology with the tools of tomorrow. Join us on this exciting journey.

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